Wood Sliding Closet Doors with Beautiful Style

Solid Wood Sliding Closet Doors

Wood sliding closet doors are very popular since it as nice style that could give to your room. Moreover wood sliding door is easy to use and does not need a lot of space to operate it since the frame space will do enough.

Style for Your Wood Sliding Door

  1. Solid wood sliding door: if you want to get more natural style you could use pure solid wood without any pattern on the surface. This style is very suitable for your wood house that you create for your lake house since it will bring the nature feeling inside your room. Moreover this door is also very durable to be slide over and over again.
  2. Mirror on wooden sliding door: you could also attached mirror on the surface of your wood sliding closet doors to make it more stylish. However you do not need to attached whole block of mirror of you already has large room. Small stripe of mirror would create beautiful pattern on your wooden sliding door.
  3. Japanese wood sliding door: wood material is very suitable to be created as Japanese sliding door since this door uses wood as the frame of the material. With this style the wood is still visible at the surface of the door but it would have more subtle feeling because the addition of the rice paper on the middle of the frame. If you want you could also use other material to replace the rice paper.
  4. Louvered wood sliding door: favorite style for wood sliding closet doors might be this louvered door. With this style your wooden door will get more texture which will make it even more beautiful. The louvered could be real one that could operate so you could get more air inside your closet so it would not feel damp.
Posted by: Lilly
Date Published: November 1, 2017
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