The Right Steps for Shower Pan Installation

Tileable Shower Pan

Shower plan information is very important in our life, but not most people known how to install the right way of that. Installing a shower pan primarily desires associate degree expertise operating with plumbing and basic tools. Before putting in the pan, the ground should to be right trim and ready. Here are some steps that may assist you complete your shower pan installation.

1 – Take it a look at work the Shower a Pan
It is to form certain whether or not the ground is level and clean. Also, it’s to substantiate the pan’s drain fits the drain within the floor.

2 – Attach the rim to the drain the pipe
Test-Fit is additionally to make sure the drain rim, if necessary, add associate degree extension. Use primer and cement to the rim and drain the pipe, attach them to the drain the pipe within the floor.

3 – Attach the Gaskets and Set the bottom
Put the gaskets on the drain rim and organize the bottom over the drain.

4 – Seat the drain physique
Set the holes within the main drain by utilize the screw and so push the most drain powerfully.

5 – Pre-drill Holes also the Shower Base Rim