Metal Bifold Closet Doors with Beautiful Design

Metal Bifold Closet Doors Pivots

Metal bifold closet doors have the similar outer appearance with wooden bi fold closet doors but it is more durable than the wooden door so you can use it longer. It is also easy to operate since the metal has perfect system with precision size which you could not create using wooden material door.

Beautiful design for your metal door

  1. Louvered metal bi fold: if you want to get enough ventilation for your closet, then this type of door is the perfect one for you. The hinged used for this door is usually welded directly onto the door so it would be fit better.
  2. Lancaster metal bi fold: this bi fold door has panel with embossed pattern directly on the surface of the panel. By using this metal bi fold door then your closet would becomes more elegant.
  3. Westchester metal bi fold: this bi fold door is the combination of the two above style with louvered style for the top part of the metal bifold closet doors and embossed pattern on the bottom part of the metal bi fold door. With this door you will get both elegant styles for your closet but still creating good ventilation for your closet.
  4. Regency metal bi fold: the curve on this door also embossed directly on the surface of the panel. By using this design your door would appear higher and longer since the pattern creates the illusion to do so.
  5. Flush metal bi fold: if you want simple design for your metal bifold closet doors then this design is the perfect one. It uses flat panels to create the bi fold closet door without any decoration on the surface of the panel which will be suitable to be used on any theme that you have inside your room.
Posted by: Lilly
Date Published: November 8, 2017
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