How To Build A Chicken Coop

How To Build A Chicken Coop

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Building a chicken coop is a simple step that requires easy-to-find materials and one day of your time. Of course, you must take into account space.Chickens need 2-3 feet of space inside and 4-5 feet of space outside. More is always better and building a bigger coop is recommended. Keep in mind that you will need a redwood or some other that is resistant to rot.

Materials you will need lumber, nails, concrete, 4 beams, hammer, drill and anything you can use to dig holes.

Step 1: Building the frame

You will start by building the construction. In this case, you will have to dig 4 homes, fill them with concrete and place the 4 beams into them (one wooden beam per a hole). This will be your construction. Wait until the concrete is dry and you can cover the inner surface of the coop with a layer of concrete. This isn’t the mandatory step, but it is recommended.

Now you can build the wall. Use wooden boards to cover all 5 sides of a frame. On the front side, you will have to cut a large hole in order to make a door. A great thing to do is to install theautomatic door. The roof will be flat and this brings another advantage. You can make an additional floor up! Note: if you do, you will have to make aleader as well. Make sure you make small vents in the upper part of the frame. In addition, cover the roof with the waterproof material.

Step 2: Interior

This is another important, but a simple step. You will have to add a roosting bar into the coop. Make sure it is 8 inches long per a chicken.

Adding a nest box is crucial and you must use proper dimensions. They are 14 x 14 inches and each one must be used for 4 chickens. So, if you have 8 chickens, you will need 2 nest boxes.

Adding feeder or a watering device is a must. Make sure it hangs 8 inches above the floor. Another thing to remember is that a bigger watering device is always recommended.

A solar light is recommended, but you can use an incandescent bulb if you want to save money. Using a solar light with a timer will maximize the nesting effect and make your coop better.

Step 3: The exterior

Now the time has come to build an exterior field. Make sure it is big enough. The simplest way to make is it to use a chicken wire and 2 beams. Place them in a parallel line with the fort two beams of your coop. Connect the wire with the 2 installed beams and the coop. Add the door at the front part. The secret is to build a simple door that can withstand heavy-duty usages. A simple solution is to make the entire front part of the exterior part as a door.

Make sure the bottom edges of the wire are pressed to the ground or secured with a wire.

Posted by: Amanda Mellersky
Date Published: October 30, 2016
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