DIY Small Closet Organization Ideas Creation That Easy

DIY Small Closet Organization Ideas

DIY small closet organization ideas are very useful you have small bedroom which makes the closet even smaller. Taking care of available space is the key to organize your small closet, and it could be done using different items which easy to created.

Making Small Closet Organization Yourself

  1. Shelving system: shelve is easy to create with minimum carpenter skill everyone could create a shelve which suitable with the size of their closet. Create shelve with big height so you could stack more items at once in one shelve.
  2. Closet container: this is a must item every closet should have since it could help you organize your closet better. But remember to choose stackable container to safe more space. For cheaper alternative, you could use box as your closet container, but do not forget to give label on the outside since you could not see through it.
  3. Tiered hanging rod: usually you will hung only one hanging rod on your closet, but for small closet, it would be better if you have tiered hanging rod where one rod is placed higher so you could hung longer items, while the other rod should be place lower to store items which does not need to much length for DIY small closet organization ideas.
  4. Hooks: this is very useful so you so all vertical space could be make use effectively. However do not place the hook on space that you could use for shelving system. Instead use unusable space such as behind your closet door.
  5. Lighting: people might forger that lights is important for their closet, especially when you have small closet where lights becomes essential thing so your closet would not appear smaller. Put enough light which could brighten the closet completely and not just small light to help you see things for DIY small closet organization ideas.
Posted by: Lilly
Date Published: October 24, 2017
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